Electronic scrap yards Thembisa

Electronic scrap yards Thembisa, recycle scrap metal

Electronic scrap yards Thembisa, recycle scrap metal.  The world is filling up with unused devices.  Like CRT TVs, you know that old square box no one wants anymore.  Well, no one except us.

The reason we are here is to help the environment.  As the demand for technology increases so does the disposal of redundant technology.  With that landfills are piling up with hazardous materials.  For example, cathode ray tubes that are full of lead.

That is why you call us.  We take all these parts and components.  Through a process of shredding and sorting more can be done with the leftovers.

Electronic scrap yards Thembisa

Recycling and waste, electronic scrap yards Thembisa

Recycling and waste, metal scrap yards Thembisa. One of the buzz words of today is ‘recycle’.  It is obvious that waste is an issue in the world and electronics is part of it.

The problem is the rate at which society is disposing of electrical appliances.  Like, cell phones that are the latest today and the dinosaur of yesterday.

Undoubtedly this is becoming a global problem.  Well, we want to be a part of the global solution. 

Contact us now! Be the future generation of environmentalists.  We recycle and reuse old electrical components. 

E waste for Reuse

E-waste for reuse, for the future.  As we said electronic scrap yards Thembisa are a part of a solution. 

E-scrap is shredded and sorted according to materials.  After that, these materials like plastic or metal are sent to various companies to reuse.

Components that are filled with data on cell phones are wiped clean for your protection.  We practice ethical principles.  With that, we will respect your privacy.  You are welcome to ask us for a certificate of proof.  This assures you that no data is kept from any device.

Electronic scrap yards Thembisa is committed to honest service.  We buy e-scrap and will pay according to the regulated rates.

So, call us now and let us collect any devices your company no longer needs.  CD-Roms, DVD players, broken flat-screen TVs.  Or even radios, PCs, and UPS boxes.

Don’t just dump it! Recycle it!

Electronic scrap yards Thembisa

scrap metal Thembisa

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